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C&G Northwest LLC

We are local, family and veteran-owned and operated construction company. Here at C&G northwest our promise is to deliver outstanding customer service and work at an honest and fair price. We know how important making a decision for your home can be and that is why our mission at C&G northwest is to be authentic, loyal and always make sure our clients are taken care of.

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Here at C&G northwest we provide an array of services including anything from the Foundation to the Sidewalk. 

Basement Waterproofing

C&G Northwest offers a variety of interior and exterior solutions. By using an elimination process, we can create a more cost-effective plan for the homeowner. In order to do this properly we will look at an array of options including but not limited to:
Down spouts, French drains, Sump pumps and Crack injections.

Concrete Work

Here at C&G Northwest we pride ourselves on installing exceptional concrete work. Our skills include both repairing damaged concrete and laying new concrete. We can do anything including; walkways, driveways, footings, additions, patios and more!

Foundation Repair

Here at C&G Northwest we offer a cost-effective opportunity to repair your foundation without having too replace or do a more invasive approach. We implement a variety of repair methods depending on the damage done to the foundation. Solutions may include footings, crack injections, staples, or carbon fiber. Give us a call for a free no obligation estimate today

 Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are structures that are designed to restrain soil to a slope that it would not naturally keep to. You might need a retaining wall if...
1. You need to control downhill erosion
2. Your home is downhill from soil fault lines
3. Your foundation is threatened by a sliding hill

A retaining wall is also helpful with slowing down the flow of rainwater and can be beneficial in keeping polluted street water out of nearby rivers. If you are unsure if you need a retaining wall give us a call for a free no obligation estimate today!

Storm Drains/Down Spouts

Gutters that are not backing up or draining properly, areas in the middle of your yard that are marshy are all indicators that you may need new down spouts. Do not wait until the next rain fall to protect your home. Give us a call today!

French Drains

French drains can be utilized to collect water and distribute it to a designated area such as a sump pump or to disperse the water evenly through the earth.

French drains are used for a variety of different reasons and can be ideal for homeowners dealing with water intrusion. Water intrusion happens for variety of reasons which can include something simple as living at the bottom of hill where water is sloping towards your home an entering your foundation or causing over saturation of your yard.

Water intrusion can lead to an array of problems with your homes foundation if not dealt with.

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Want to expand your living space with a new deck or patio? Or maybe you need your old one repaired either way C&G Northwest is here to help! From hardwood and cedar, to PVC, or composite, we’ve got options to suit your style.

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Let C&G northwest help you add Value and Privacy to your Home We offer fencing for every outdoor space and budget and offer both new builds and repairs.
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Yard Work

Proper landscaping can reduce water bills, improve your homes curb appeal and boost resale value.
C&G Northwest offers an array of landscaping services including yard clean up, retaining walls, down spouts/French drains, concrete work, patios/decks and tree removal. We also offer complete yard remodels. Here at C&G Northwest we are excellent at building an outdoor architectural design plan to build our clients their dream yard without breaking the bank.
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